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Franziska Klappoth plays outside centre with Old Belvedere Women's Rugby team, who won the All Ireland Rugby League 2016. Franziska is a native German, she takes care of e-Frontiers multilingual roles for customer service and technical support. Franziska is partaking in a white collar boxing competition in support of her rugby club and is currently in training for it. So read her count-down to the competition on September 09, when she competes against fellow members of her rugby team. 

Session One: The Calm Before the Storm

My Rugby club the Old Belvedere RFC is holding a couple of fundraising events to fund the much needed refurbishment and development of our club-house and changing rooms. Being a passionate rugby player and enjoying the great atmosphere of this fantastic club, I thought taking part in the White Collar boxing competition would be a great chance to pay back a bit. Also it fits perfectly into the pre-season fitness preparation.

After the first session, I realised that I completely underestimated the challenge of boxing (especially against team mates). Despite the fact that it’s much tougher than expected – not only throwing a few punches here and there – technique plays a major role.

With this being my first experience of partaking in a non-team, I’ve learned the privileges of a team sport: you are never alone and there’s always a team mate to motivate you when you’re on the edge, but there’s also someone to support you when you make a mistake. 

With boxing you’re literally on your own when you run into trouble and you’ve only got yourself to put it right, the pressure heightens.

This actually makes me realise how safe I feel with my Rugby family. Another thought that has crossed my mind is what happens and what should I do if I hurt someone during the fight - in fairness I didn’t get my first hit yet, many people said it will change everything.

So far, learned techniques are Jab, Right Cross, Hook and Upper Cut in combination with some defense techniques (I’m feeling somewhat similar to a 4 armed octopus, if there is such a thing – with punching while defending myself).

Most challenging at the moment, beside staying on your toes all the time, is definitely the coordination of arms, feet and responding to what is in front of me.

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Session One: The Calm Before the Storm

Session Two: Boxing can make you feel like a long distance runner with an extra 20kg body weight

Session Three: Week four training for white collar boxing with only 2 and a half weeks I still feel as if I'm only starting out. 

The Grand Finale: After six weeks of training, tons of sweat and lots of pain the night of the nights has arrived – it feels like such a short time ago and it is upon me all of a sudden!

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