Working and Living in Ireland

Moving to a new country raises questions and making the decision to re-locate can be daunting. Being informed of some facts about Ireland can dispel some of those doubts and help in making the final decision somewhat easier. 

Our recruitment consultants are asked quite often by candidates considering relocating to Ireland about what opportunities are available in the IT sector, the culture, and what to consider when relocating with family.

What better group of people to put this guide together but those working with candidates, some with first-hand experience of having relocated themselves.

This guide gives an overview of opportunities within the IT Sector, what’s required in obtaining the correct documentation before you can take up employment, the school system for those considering relocating with family.

While we can’t guarantee the best of weather, we can guarantee the best of Irish culture, our national sports and lots of ‘Craic’ while here.

We hope we can help you along your journey in making that move. 

Download our Guide to Working and Living in Ireland.


Contributors: Clara Barriga, Ana Martin, Derek McCormack, Rachel Woods

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Roxana Sandu with her son enjoy a day's sunshine in Bray, Co. Wicklow

 My experience of moving from Bucharest to Ireland came with an job offer my husband received. Our son was only 2 years old at the time. The decision to relocate is never an easy one.

Some abandon the idea, and this is understandable as there are so many things to consider. Some can miss out on these opportunities through lack of information and help along the way.


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