Technical Solution Architect

  • Job Ref: 2457
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Type: Contract


We are looking for a Technical Solution Architect to work in a software/app development project for 6-12 months, based in the Caribbean.

You must have strong knowledge of :

  • solution options for current platforms, frameworks, open source availability, proprietary enterprise systems, SDKs and so on including for App development, adaptive web, enterprise-systems, databases, lakes, etc.
  • system integration techniques including integration with social networking platforms
  • technology infrastructures to the extent needed to know where the performance problems with the solution could arise and knows how to use the expert advice.
  • usability (UX) design best practice and examples and can work well with UX designers. understands the application development platforms on major environments (CRM, IVR, etc) well enough to make assessments on the feasibility of the solutions being designed and proposed and can see where additional feasibility checking is needed (or can learn enough fast enough about unfamiliar platforms because of past experience).

You also need to:

  • stays current with emerging - next generation technologies, such as machine learning.
  • be familiar with Agile Software techniques or similar is an advantage. (Wedded to waterfall is not acceptable).
  • can get buy in for the solutions from key stakeholders, for example the CIO and business line managers.
  • run the workshops, 1-to-1s, and small group sessions necessary to collaboratively design the solutions with subject.

This contract offers flights, accommodation and expenses covered and atractive daily rates.

for more details do not hesitate to get in contact.


Trish Lynch, Contracts Manager - Your e-Frontiers consultant for this job

Trish is a Contracts Manager with e-Frontiers. She has over 15 years recruitment experience in the areas of Software Development, Testing, Project Management and Business Analysis. She is has a BA Degree in Sociology and a Diploma in Business Studies from Michael Smurfits UCD. Trish has recruited across all industry sectors, Teleco, Consultancy, Pharma, e-Learning, Financial Services and Software.

Specialises in: Java, Project Managers, QA, Business Analysts, Architects