Senior SRE


Senior SRE

The role is based in the newly opened Engineering Office in Madrid, Spain, where a growing group of highly-skilled engineers is developing global platform and operations.


  • Experience with cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Fluent with a modern programming language.
  • Considerable experience with Linux systems administration (Ubuntu experience appreciated).
  • Experience with supporting production SaaS and adhering to key metrics such as reliability and availability.
  • Ability to analyze and resolve network behavior, performance and application issues, and the drive to teach others on the best practices.
  • Ability to participate in on-call duty with the team.
  • Ability to debug and optimize code and to automate tasks.


  • As a member of the SRE team, you will share the responsibility for our platform with fellow engineers. You will embrace the SRE model, and you will be an early advocate in implementing the methodolog. As a member of the team here are some things you might do:
  • Learn about technologies like Kubernetes and Nomad and leverage them within our platform.
  • Facilitate post-mortem discussions with product teams to help guide learning and development from failure.
  • Work with engineers and product owners to architect products that operate at production scale.
  • Help teams launch microservices and provide tooling and automation around the tedious and manual steps.
  • Design alerts and dashboards so that product teams know when to act on a problem in production.
  • Mentor new SREs and engineers on best practices of running and maintaining a production environment.
  • Participate in on-call rotations and train engineers to shadow and learn the art of debugging production.
  • Help transition legacy codebases and products to the SRE model.