Senior Java Engineer



We are looking for an experienced software engineer to take on the senior technical role in a team developing data acquisition software for our solution, including web crawling, mobile application data acquisition, and web services.

·         We acquire data from many 100s of online retailers on a daily basis..

·         The successful candidates will:

·         Design and implement a new data acquisition software platform

·         Design, develop, test, and bug-fix software for web crawling, scraping, and mobile data acquisition

·         Mentor other software developers

·         Produce estimates for work

 Experience & Education:

·         Minimum of 5 years of employment experience developing software

·         Third level degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent

·         Experience writing web scraping / web crawling software


Required Skills:

·         Highly Proficient in development, using Java, Ruby or other programming language

·         Knowledge of HTML and Javascript, ideally also of json and XMLs

·         Knowledge of SQL; Knowledge of one of PostgreSQL or MySQL or other relational database

·         Source control using one of Mercurial, Git, Subversion or equivalent

·         Fluency in the English language is required

 Advantageous but not necessary:

·         Experience working in a Linux environment is advantageous but not necessary

·         Knowledge of Unit Testing / Test Automation is advantageous

Responsibilities of the data acquisition team

·         Develop new and updated web Crawlers and mobile app data harvesters to meet business requirements.

·         Acquire data every day according to schedule

·         Meet standards for data quality and on-time delivery

·         React rapidly to resolve issues as they arise – such as changes in web site layout or mobile app.

·         Respond to ad-hoc and once-off requests

·         put in place architecture and framework for scaling and evolution of data acquisition.

Ø  Our web crawling software needs to continue to be fully automated, scheduled, configurable, and very robust, incorporating automated data validation.

Ø  Work closely with the product development and operations teams re software interfaces, deployment, and data validation and processing.

Ø  Research and trial new approaches and technologies to provide the best possible solution to the company’s growing needs for data acquisition.

Ø  Be the experts on the data we acquire and how we acquire it: Come up with ideas for improvements.