Senior Java Developer


Clarity is highly innovative tech company offering an end-to-end solution that optimizes the social impact of the investment portfolios of our clients, mainly investment management firms, in a market with increasing social impact awareness (25% CAGR of sustainable investments, currently more than $23 trillion).


  • Our SOLUTION offers our clients an easy to access one-stop-shop to rebalance their investment portfolios integrating socialimpact and without compromising on risk and return.
  • Our TECHNOLOGY is based on disruptive use of big data andmachine learning algorithms and a proprietary and innovativesocial impact methodology , developed by Harvard and MIT researchers.
  • Clarity UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION is based on:


    • More accurate and comprehensive social impact measurement: improvement of current social impact metrics and creation of a proprietary disruptive methodology to measure social impact based on big data.
    • Automatic portfolio rebalancing with complex algorithms to maximize social impact without compromising financial return or risk.
    • Excellent user experience: visualization of social impact in an easy to use tool with advanced UX.
    • Highly scalable and flexible SaaS business model with affordable pricing

Clarity is looking for a Senior Java  Engineer . If you’re a senior developer and you enjoy solving complex problems with code, developing using JVM languages and you are not afraid of learning new things, you’re the person we’re looking for.


You will be part of  the team delivering the initial backend for our production-ready product, while co-designing and implementing an architecture that can scale up with the product and the company.



We like engineers who adapt quickly to new challenges and break them down in smaller pieces that a highly productive team will find high quality solutions for.

What are we looking for:

  • Experienced professional with a track record delivering complex projects in fast changing companies. We’re looking for someone with +4 years of engineering work experience

  • Experience in SaaS business would be preferable, although not required.

  • Ideally experience in the financial sector or regulated markets.

  • Exceptional coding abilities and experience with architectural design of large scale applications and microservice approaches.

  • Deep knowledge of Java and familiarity with Spring Boot and MongoDB which are the base of our microservices stack and Event Driven Arquitecture

  • Ideally but not mandatory knowledge of any JavaScript framework Angular, React or VueJs

  • Experience with the complexities and nuances of microservices architecture and distributed systems.

  • Strong communication skills. The right candidate can thrive in an environment of asynchronous conversation, since a part of the Clarity team will based in the US. We expect you to have strong communication skills and be able to create working relationships with coworkers in across various locations.

  • Open to try new technologies and programming languages.

  • Fluency in Spanish and English.