Senior Business Analyst


Primary Responsibilities:


  • This person details the specification of the system's functionality by analyzing and describing the Requirements. 
  • This person works on requirements gathering and analysis to modeling the system's functionality and delimiting the system. 
  • This person assists testers and UATs to make sure that adequate requirements are well delivered.
  • You should have the Knowledge of Business Analysis Techniques, EPICs and user stories writing, and experience in using modeling tools. 
  • The knowledge of Service Now and Devops is a plus.
  • You should be a good facilitator and has above-average communication skills. Knowledge of the business and technology domains is essential to have amongst those acting in this role.
  • You should have Higher education in Information Technology or science, such as a University degree and relevant business experience.


Skills Required:


Understanding Stakeholder Needs 

 Requirements come from many sources. You need to know how to best determine what the sources should be, get access to those sources, and also how to best elicit information from them. You may have end user experience and business domain expertise. Very often you will start the discussions at a business model level rather than a system level. Elicitation activities will occur using techniques such as interviews, brainstorming, conceptual prototyping, questionnaires, and competitive analysis. The result of the elicitation would be a list of requests or needs that are described textually and graphically, and that have been given priority relative one another. 

Defining a System 

 To define the system means to translate and organize the understanding of stakeholder needs into a meaningful description of the system to be built. The outcome of system definition is a description of the system that is both natural language and graphical. 

Managing Changing Requirements 

 You need to make sure that you give your requirements a structure that is resilient to changes, and that you use traceability links to represent dependencies between requirements.


Cathay Duffy, IT Recruitment Consultant - Your e-Frontiers consultant for this job

Cathal is a member of the Software & Business Technology Team, mainly specialising in hiring Business Analysts, Project Managers and Product Managers for small to medium sized Irish companies to global leaders in the technology sector. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), from the National University of Ireland, Galway specialising in Human Resources (HR).

Specialises in: Business Analysts, Project Managers, Agile