Front end Developer

  • Job Ref: 4568
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Type: Permanent


  1. Job/Project Description

We are looking for a Frontend Software Developer to join the Online Product Development team in one of Ireland's largest media organisations. This role is essential in the development and maintenance of online products including our website, apps, streaming services and core APIs that service our mobile and connected device applications.


As a Frontend Software Developer you will be working with designers, content-creators, project-managers and testers, you will have a strong appreciation of the importance of design, user-interfaces, and user-experience, and how they combine to produce an outstanding product. You will also be mindful of the need for online products and services to work seamlessly across various platforms and screen-sizes. You will get to develop digital products and services that hundreds of thousands of people use every day.


You will need to be proficient in Python/Django and/or PHP/Wordpress and in a range of other web technologies, particularly HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, and Solr.

  1. Role Specifications

Main responsibilities:

  • Creating web layouts and user interfaces from design concepts by using best HTML/CSS/Javascript practices across multiple platforms

  • Development and maintenance of large-scale web applications using Python/Django and PHP/Wordpress frameworks

  • Software testing, debugging and refactoring in collaboration with product teams

  • Specification and requirements-gathering

  • Routine daily maintenance of existing sites and applications

  • Application support as needed


We are looking for a person who will:

  • Put the user first and foremost

  • Work collaboratively and positively with all individuals and teams

  • Have great attention to detail, problem solving skills and follow-through.

  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced and fluid environment with various personalities and outlooks

  • Be flexible, adaptable, and have a desire to learn

  • Be receptive to feedback and direction

  • Manage time and tasks efficiently and effectively

  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with sound instincts and judgement