• Job Ref: 5180
  • Location: Pozuelo, Spain
  • Type: Permanent


Senior DevOps

Key Responsibilities

  • Designing and managing a flexible, fault-tolerant, highly-available cloud infrastructure
  • Implementing continuous integration and continuous deployment for highly frequent releases
  • Creating deployment workflows to orchestrate the whole infrastructure with zero downtime
  • Implementing best DevOps practices and promoting them to the technical team
  • Securing the whole architecture and communications with third party systems
  • Ensuring data protection and comprehensive log management
  • Finding innovative ways to simplify operations and add value to the product


  • Design a resilient high-available scalable cloud architecture on AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure
  • Create automated delivery workflows using cloud automation tools
  • Setup secure VPN connections with third party services
  • Setup automated backups system and test backup recovery regularly
  • Engage with product and development teams to provide expert guidance on infrastructure
  • Administer Linux servers and manage data storage systems
  • Set up and manage task queues such as Celery / Rabbitmq / SQS
  • Design and implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans


  • Experience running multi-geo distributed, fault-tolerant, highly available, redundant applications serving high traffic volumes
  • Comprehensive knowledge of AWS technologies or cloud-based infrastructures such as Google Cloud or Azure
  • Automation tools, mainly Ansible
  • Solid understanding of continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Strong analytical and issue resolution skills
  • Broad experience with Linux systems and database management knowledge (NoSQL is a plus)
  • Understanding of network elements such as firewalls, load balancers, DNS, NAT, TLS/SSL
  • Python knowledge