Data Architect

  • Job Ref: 2364
  • Location: Dublin, United Kingdom
  • Type: Contract


Our client which is a leader in the consultancy industry is looking for a talented Data Architect to work on a major project within the financial sector. 

Your main responsibilities as a Data Architect would be:

•    Verify accuracy of existing  Conceptual “TO-BE” model 
•    Produce Logical “To-Be” Data Model
•    Working with project business stakeholders agree on key ‘common’ data items / sets from logical model
•    Design a central data repository for above agreed ‘common’ data items. May be required to physically create / implement this central repository
•    May be a need to manage a small team of SQL developers in the creation of central data repository and in the writing of data extract/ transform / load routines
•    Work with the project to figure out how reporting / KPI needs are to be met in the short/medium and long term. Given the number of diverse data repositories that will exist in the “To-Be” scenario option analysis may be required. Balance of risk v’s cost v’s timelines to be considered
•    In the event of a central Data Mart being a requirement, design data model for this and help oversee the physical implementation of same
•    Work closely with all solution architects and mostly likely sit on the (or at least be an advisor to the technical DA
•    Liaise with Enterprise Architecture and relevant ITS teams in terms of technology recommendations for Data Mart solutions
•    Work with the spreadsheet development team to define a ‘spreadsheet data strategy’ which would make use of a central data store as much as possible without impacting on development time frames
•    Input to design of the organisation structure required to support ‘the data’ post go live of the project. Suggested new roles with associated description would be required.
•    Act as the owner of the logical data model for the project and impact assess any proposed changes once the model has been signed off. Expectation is for model to be signed off at end of detailed design stage.

If you have the following skills:

•    Familiar with statistics/mathematics 
•    Capable of identifying risks in Big Data solution delivery scenario 
•    Develop thought leadership in solution design and delivery 
•    Capable of defining strategic road map for client benefits 
•    Proficiency in project management skills 
•    You should be capable of attending workshops and distilling information to produce data models / map. 
•    Main skills needed are – good communication (written and verbal) skills, ability to work in a large team under tight deadlines, previous track record in having produced data model (conceptual, logical and physical). Familiarly with modelling tool ideal, but not essential.
•    From a technical point of view knowledge of SQL would be essential. Ideally the candidate should be familiar with Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, Power BI, VBA etc.

And at least 5 years background in similar role, then please don't hesitate to get in contact to find out more about this interesting opportunity.


Trish Lynch, Contracts Manager - Your e-Frontiers consultant for this job

Trish is a Contracts Manager with e-Frontiers. She has over 15 years recruitment experience in the areas of Software Development, Testing, Project Management and Business Analysis. She is has a BA Degree in Sociology and a Diploma in Business Studies from Michael Smurfits UCD. Trish has recruited across all industry sectors, Teleco, Consultancy, Pharma, e-Learning, Financial Services and Software.

Specialises in: Java, Project Managers, QA, Business Analysts, Architects