Data and Analytics Associate

  • Job Ref: 4978
  • Location: Madrid, United States
  • Type: Contract


Data and Analytics Associates

The company is looking for Data and Analytics Associates to join our fast-growing digital data & analytics team based in Madrid. You will have the opportunity to work at the intersection of Data, Sport and Media.

Our team is responsible for a wide range of data-related activities including:

  • Using data to answer critical business questions, such as which content we should focus on, or how to better engage our fans, including advanced forecasting techniques.
  • Measuring business performance and providing recommendations to decision-makers
  • Help to drive the digital strategy of the IOC
  • Production models that deliver high profile product features to users across the world, including during the Olympic Games, based on personalization algorithms.
  • Fan data architecture and integrations

The role of the Data and Analytics Associate is to deliver recommendations and strategic direction to anyone from the c-suite to the editing suite based on your data driven insight. The team is highly visible across the companay and IOC, who rely on our team to deliver clear guidance for a range of strategic initiatives - from content analysis to supporting our commercial partners to overall digital strategy


  • Meet and work directly with different stakeholders to define project requirements. We work cross-functionally, supporting internal teams (Executive, Content, Data Science, Marketing, Commercial, Technical, Product) and External partners to help answer their business questions
  • Present (or prepare documents describing) the work of the team at a range of levels within the organization including to top management.
  • Work with supporting team-members (data scientists & data engineers) to clearly translate business requirements into projects, and collaborate to derive learnings and insights from team-members with their heads deeper in the data. Your key role is translating between the business and the rest of our team, understanding key things observed by one that will be important to the other.
  • Be able to transform large amounts of data into insights, conclusions and recommendations. Communicate fluently, orally and in writing, presenting insights and recommendations backed by complex technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Understand the core need underneath the business question at hand - and how to reframe that question into one that can be answered with data
  • Research and develop techniques, procedures, and tools for more efficient use of resources in supporting business activities with data.



Skills and requirements

  • Strategic and creative solutions-oriented thinking
  • Experience presenting data-backed conclusions and recommendations to stakeholders, including executives, and clearly articulating and defending your point of view (in slides, memos, or other written formats)
  • 1-2 years of experience in a consulting firm, investment bank, private equity, and/or media/entertainment/tech company in a strategy/business development/analytical role.
  • Experience with Data Visualisation / Reporting tools including
  • Caring deeply and putting great thought into the way information is received
  • Storytelling with data - making data insightful and easy to consume
  • Selecting the right tool for the job and being able to design it - be it in a presentation, memo, dashboard or other format
  • High attention to detail and ability to effectively manage multiple projects while meeting deadlines
  • Hands-on and positive attitude
  • Good interpersonal skills including written and verbal communication.

Workplace and Environment

  • Fast paced work environment;
  • Subject to national/international criminal background checks;
  • Position until the end of 2020