C++ Engineer



My client provide real-time IT Operations and Business Analytics from the chaotic torrent of packets flowing through your network. His mission is make it easy for anybody to unlock the full power of network data.


He need brilliant engineers to help bring this technology into new markets and new deployment models. If you want to work in a team with people at least as good as you, if you want to solve the problems encountered when analysing the firehose of network data in real time - capturing, decoding, analysing and indexing at 40Gb/s and more - then my client is what you are looking for.



  • Third Level Computer Science or Computer Engineering Degree



  • A strong proficiency in C++ development under Linux is required.
  • A suitable candidate should be familiar with:
  • High-performance systems and multi-threaded application development
  • Automated testing (unit testing, integration testing)
  • Linux-based development environments, including tools such as gdb and valgrind


Knowledge or experience with the following is a distinct advantage:

  • STL
  • Boost
  • Python
  • Financial trading protocols e.g. FIX
  • IP networking
  • Packet capture analysis using tools such as Wireshark


We are looking for experienced C++ engineers who:

  • Think problems all the way through
  • Understand how to write code that can be worked on by others
  • Understand what it takes to deliver and code a high availability and high-performance system
  • Are aware of the implementation details of commonly used C++ features and how to use that knowledge to help implement efficient yet maintainable code
  • Are comfortable asking for help, taking advice and accepting criticism
  • Can articulate the reasoning behind decisions or trade-offs
  • Can follow existing patterns where required to do so
  • Can invent new patterns where required to do so - and justify that invention
  • Are able to solve issues seen in the field from very limited data