Multilingual Recruitment

We offer a Multilingual Recruitment service for candidates across a range of skillsets – Customer Experience, Technical Support, Inside Sales, Finance and Accounting - covering a wide range of European languages. Not only do we help professionals and graduates across these skillsets to find jobs in the international markets we serve - Ireland, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Romania – but we also advise regarding cultural characteristics and how to approach the job market in these countries.

Network of European offices

e-Frontiers has offices in Dublin, London, New York, Madrid and Bucharest from where our consultants are constantly sourcing candidates throughout Europe who are interested in working in these countries as well as helping them find jobs abroad.

Languages we speak internally

Many of our consultants are native speakers of European languages including German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Chinese. They too have made the move to work abroad seeking new career and cultural adventures so they are well placed to put themselves into the candidate’s shoes.


Multilingual recruitment map e-Frontiers

Our Process

  • We operate a quality approach to recruitment – all of our consultants have experience in the roles for which they are recruiting – be it customer service, IT sales, marketing or finance to mention a few. Thus they are able to give candidates a real insight in to the role, even down to the detail of the daily responsibilities, which results in the most suitable candidates being submitted to our clients.
  • Pan European Search – we use our network of European offices as well as current recruitment technologies to source suitable candidates. In addition, many of our consultants have made the move abroad themselves and so are able to bridge cultural differences and help guide candidates through most issues.
  • Quality Candidate Assessment – using both our consultants’ language skills and experience, we rigorously screen candidates to match client requirements. Many of our clients have complemented e-Frontiers on the quality and company culture fit of submitted candidates.
  • Regular Updates – throughout the recruitment process, we endeavour to keep both the client and the candidate updated as to the recruitment process.
  • On-boarding – as many of our candidates are making the big decision to move from their home country for jobs abroad, we go the extra mile to help them settle into their new cultural environment. In the past we have collected people from the airport and organised accommodation. But we also provide general guidance and information about differences in the tax or social system, we can explain how health insurance works in Ireland compared to Germany, France, The Netherlands or other European countries for example.

Multilingual process e-Frontiers

For Candidates

If you are interested in moving abroad and wondering where to start, please contact our office and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss their experiences and how they can help you find your dream job.

Alternatively use the form below to get in touch and to upload your CV.

For Employers

If you are interested in further discussing how we can help your company build your multilingual team – whether for Customer Experience Agents, Inside Sales, Digital Marketing Executives, Financial Professionals – please contact Nigel Bolger or call +353 (0) 86-3888147

Get in touch with us If you would like to discuss any suitable opportunities we have we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the below or simply call us

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