We asked one of our candidates now working with Bitban about her role and her experience of how e-Frontiers helped her in her career move.

Aurora Soria, PHP Senior Software Developer at Bitban in Madrid

Bitban's main product is their CMS (Content Management System), targeted to large communications companies including publishing houses and TV channels. They also provide for other web services and hosting.

Aurora’s role

I’m currently working as a PHP Backend Developer in a team of 12 people. Working on the development of different applications as well as continually making improvements to our core product.

What made this role appealing to you?

The company has a culture of developing their employees through continual training and their use of latest technologies. They are also noticeably present at various technological conferences and events.

Do you see a progression path emerging within this role?

Absolutely. The company recognises and builds on the strengths of individuals taking actions to maintain and care for their emotional health.

Individuals are encouraged to get involved and support different teams as a way of learning at first-hand by actively engaging and learning from members of other teams across different areas of the business.

Are there trends you see occurring in the future for you and in this area of technology?

We are well aware of the importance of innovation.

The company has a dedicated team to solve the "code debt" which ensures easy adaptation to a changing environment.

The fact that the leaders have a technical profile also promotes the technological development of the company since they assume that is a determining factor for success.

What advice would you have for others coming into this area of tech?

In my experience I see the importance of constantly keeping current with trends and learn from other colleagues.

Tell us a little about the culture in the company

There is a strong awareness for continuous improvement with emphasis on training. The company also provides for a very pleasant working environment.

What was your experience of dealing with your e-Frontiers recruiter?

It was a very good experience. Our relationship was friendly and honest. I received information about jobs that matched my profile and my technical skills.

Interview carried out between Alejandro Rodríguez and Aurora Soria.

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