For me, coming to work in Ireland is one of the greatest decisions in my life. I not only made a big step forward in my career but also am having a really nice experience with Irish culture and lovely landscapes in Ireland.

What motivated me to come to work in Ireland?

Besides many opportunities for a French girl to work in Ireland, I also take this chance to improve my English by working and living in an international environment. So far, I am proud of understanding many different English accents of speakers from around the world.

As William Butler Yeats, a famous Irish poet introduced his country: “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met”. “Exactement!”. I’m so eager to discover the beautiful landscapes and great culture in this Emerald Isle and be around friendly and supportive locals, especially my colleagues.

Jessica enjoyed a rare snow in Dublin

What are the differences in living and working style between France and Ireland?

As compared with recruitment vacancies in France, there are more opportunities and well-paid jobs for a recruiter to move further in their career. I prefer the requirements and challenges for recruiters working in Ireland. Besides certificates and experience, we focus more on soft skills to become an active team player and a trustful friend for my candidates to support their career development and deliver the best quality services from e-Frontiers.

In my spare time, I love to learn more about the Irish culture with lovely songs, vibrant dance and great beer. However, the downside of living in Dublin is the challenge of getting accommodation and the general expensive living costs.

French working in Ireland

French celebrated their World Cup win at the Dublin City Centre

How could I overcome the obstacle of living and working in Ireland?

The language and different lifestyle could be considered as tough obstacles. However, all were solved quickly as I learned to be more patient and open-minded to accept and integrate myself into a new life which is definitely a big change from my previous life in France. My efforts are paid off. I have really settled into the Irish lifestyle now (though I will always be French!) while enjoying working at e-Frontiers.


Jessica Dermigny

July 2019

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