In the business battle among B2B technology companies today, Customer Success Manager is one of the major keys to hook and maintain a relationship with clients. How much do you know about this interesting position?


What exactly is Customer Success Manager?

This is a very new and recent title that has only existed the past 7-8 years and many people might not know exactly what a Customer Success Manager (CSM) does or what skills are required to do this job.

Many SAAS companies have created a separate function in their business dedicated specifically on managing the client/customer relationship and ensuring that the clients and vendors goals using their software has a beneficial outcome. This client/customer relationship is managed by the CSM.

Customer Success Manager – New key leading to a successful business

What does Customer Success Manager do?

A CSM’s main goal is to create strong and long-lasting relationships with their clients/customers and to make them as successful as possible. The CSM will be the primary contact person for the onboarding of the client/customer, provide the training of platform end user onsite or via online video platforms, identifying opportunities and act as a client advocate and collaborate closely with other teams such as Sales and Technical support.

Which skills are expected in a Customer Success Manager?

The main skills that I believe a CSM needs is excellent communication skills and relationship building skills, empathy and a positive attitude and desire to help clients/customers reach their goals. These soft skills are key factors when trying to reach a successful outcome and a long-lasting, proactive relationship between the parties involved. Other skillsets and experience that are also very useful to have in order to succeed as a CSM, are strong analytical skills, experience, and knowledge in the SAAS or the software industry, Account Management experience, etc.

Customer Success Manager's required soft skills

Customer Success is a title that continues to develop mainly in the SAAS and software industry, and I believe will quickly grow into other industries as well. Although the technical and analytical skills are crucial to have in this role, I do believe that your mindset, positive attitude and drive to help to find the right solution is everything when being a successful Customer Success Manager.

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June 2019

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