e-Frontiers highly recommends that you use the time prior to the interview wisely. It is essential that you prepare. Based on research, candidates who prepare well in advance of the interview, increase their chances of success by up to 30%. Regardless of the type of interview you are about to have; behavioural, experience or competency based, e-Frontiers recommends that you use the following 5 Step Approach to Interview Success.

1. Company Knowledge

Write out 20 pieces of information about the company. Depending on the company (i.e. a Multi-national or a Stealth-mode Start-up), the information available will vary.

There are many resources for information such as their homepage, Google News, Silicon Republic, LinkedIn, etc. If you find it difficult to obtain information, this will allow you to start creating questions. You are guaranteed to be given the opportunity to ask questions about the company or role.

For Skype, Hangouts and phone interviews, you can have these points sitting in front of you.

If it is a face to face interview, re-read these points before it begins.

2. About You

Write out your experience where it correlates to the job description. What on your CV relates to this role. When asked to go through your experience or CV at the interview you should focus primarily on the correlations between your CV and the job description. Don’t be too rigid though.

You are likely to possess skills and experience that go beyond the job description and can add even more value. Every employer is looking for further value. They know you can do this job. What sets you apart from the other candidates.

For competency-based interviews, correlate your experience to their competencies.

3. The Role

Re-write the job description in your own words. What do you think this job is and what do you know about it? This will allow you to relate the role to your experience and skills.

4. Motivation

Write down your motivations for this role. Why do you want this role? We suggest you aim for 10 motivations. Step 1, 2 and 3 should help guide these motivations. Motivations should never be financially related.

5. Interviewers perception

The final step, the fly on the wall step. Write out in 5 – 10 lines what you want the interviewer(s) to say about you after the interview.

This will help guide, shape and direct your interview. It will be a framework for how you anticipate the interview going.

Why you should prepare

  • You will know the company inside out
  • You will thoroughly understand the role
  • The employer will understand your fit for the role much better
  • The employer may be wowed or surprised by your level of preparation and detail.
  • The employer will know that you are motivated for this.
  • Preparation will increase your chances of success by up to 30%

Other Areas to Ensure

  • If it is a face to face interview, you need to know where the company is located and have your journey planned.
  • If this is a 2nd or 3rd interview with this employer, revise the questions you were asked last tiproactive and have done some research in that area of weakness.
  • Research the interviewers beforehand. Is their any news on them? Have the written blogs or done anything that could be of interest to you? Do they have a LinkedIn profile?
  • Do you know anyone working there and can they give you further insight?
  • Have questions prepared for the interview. This is the best opportunity to access primary information. (Current team, culture, usual day, expectation, projects, company plans). Another question may be “What attracted you to this company?”
  • Positivity, enthusiasm, interest and energy are recommended for all interview
  • Look smart. After all this is an interview.

We wish you the best of luck in your interview.

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