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Welcome to e-Frontiers Ltd.

e-Frontiers is a specialist IT Recruitment Company based in the heart of Dublin. We are not just ‘another recruitment agency’. When we say specialist, we really mean specialist.

e-Frontiers Secret Weapon - Our Consultants

Each of our consultants has over 10 years real experience working for IT companies and in IT departments. We have been in your position. We have been job-seekers in the IT market and we have been responsible for recruitment on major IT projects. This allows us to stand apart from other IT Recruitment companies. Our consultants are IT people. We are not Sales people, or marketing people, we are IT people. We understand the IT market. We understand how IT projects and departments work. We understand the dynamics of IT teams. The reason why we understand all this is because we’ve been there. We talk your language. We are in a unique position to bring benefits to both clients looking to recruit and job seekers. These are benefits that other agencies cannot provide.

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